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WoW's Small Egg making guide

Small Egg Westfall WoWScrnShot_122512_101742.jpg

Where to get WoW's Small Egg? Here's what you need to know about what small eggs are, where to get them, how to use them, and more. To find out, read more.

World of Warcraft has a large player base and many interesting interfaces around the world in which players have to gather ingredients to produce valuable things. One of these ingredients is WoW's Small Egg that players have to look for in the game. This ingredient, however, makes many players wonder about "where to get Small Egg in WoW?" If you were wondering about the same thing, then don't worry, here's everything you need to know about it.

What is Small Egg in WoW

Small Egg in WoW is employed as an ingredient to form several items. these things are wont to equip the characters or complete a mission. we've listed below all the items that are made using Small Egg as an ingredient, have a glance.

 • Herb Baked Egg - Made using only Small Egg.

 • Gingerbread Cookie - Made by using Small Egg and Holiday Spices.

 • Winter Veil Egg Nog - Made by using Small Egg, Holiday Spices, Holiday Spirits and Ice Cold Milk

 • Delicious Cake - Made by using 8 Small Egg, 4 Ice Cold Milk, 3 Mageroyal, 8 Simple Flour, 4 Mild Spices, and 1 Flask of Stormwind Tawny.

Where to get WoW's Small Egg

A Small Egg is needed to craft the Gingerbread Cookie for the WoW Classic Feast of Winter Veil quest Treats for Greatfather Winter. A Small Egg drops off birds under level 20. You can find these birds or Wilkins in several places such as the Azuremyst Isle, Darkshore, Eversong Woods, Loch Modan, Mulgore, Redridge Mountains, Teldrassil, and Westfall. Here you will be able to spot the nests with Small Eggs in them.

The best places to farm for Small Eggs are:

 • Silvermyst Isle: the Owlkin there are tightly clumped, respawn extremely quickly and have a drop rate upwards of 75 percent.

 • Eversong Woods: the Dragonhawk in the various Sanctums drop up to 3 Eggs on nearly every kill, are low level, and can be found huddled near each other. Eggs are very quick and easy to get in this place.


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Dec 22, 2020