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WOW Classic Tanking Classes and Tanking Guide for Beginners

World of Warcraft Classic classes is often divided into three roles, tank, healer, and damage dealer. Different classes shine at different roles, but which class is the best tank? Tanks are an important part of any WoW Classic dungeon or raid group. Without them a gaggle cannot function and usually the higher the tank, the smoother things go. So, this is often the rationale for why we prepare this guide! Hope it'll be helpful for you! don't miss it!


What is Tanking?

Tanking may be a gaming term that stands for a personality whose main role is to soak up most of the damage by generating enough aggro (or threat). Essentially, the tank during a group is that the player who has got to keep his fellow party members from being attacked by the enemy.

Tanking Strategies and Pros/Cons for every Tanking Class

To make our WoW Classic tanking guide complete, we'll offer you the pros and cons of every in order that you'll choose the proper tanking class for your needs!

Protection Paladin


– Brilliant at generating AoE threat

– Self-heal, self-preservation abilities


– Doesn't have Taunt

– Not a viable option for end game tanking

Protection Paladins can often be found as supporting (or secondary) tanks in party and raid groups and on rare occasions they will even be seen as main tanks. However, albeit Paladins carry plate mail a bit like Warriors, they lack crucial threat-holding abilities like Taunt. Still, Paladins have many useful abilities and talent specs to assist them in tanking scenarios.

Feral Druid


– Aggro-generation that's like that of Warriors

– the very best armor values from all tanking classes


– Lacks defensive cooldown abilities e.g. Shield Wall

Feral Druids are the second-best tanks within the game. this is often because they lack the on-demand damage reduction of a Warrior, but are still ready to keep enemies attacking them, and reduce a good amount of injury taken thanks to have large amounts of armor.

They also provide tons of useful utility as they will reduce an enemy's armor through Faerie Fire and may increase allies critical strike chance because of their talents.

Druids are often utilized in raid groups as an 'off tank' – a secondary tank that takes the pressure off of the 'main tank' which is typically a Warrior that's focusing the most important threat.

Protection Warrior


– Second to none tanking abilities like Shield Wall & Last Stand

– Exceptional mitigation and threat-generating abilities

– The go-to class for tanking in Classic WoW


– Not nearly as good as Paladins at generating AoE aggro

Protection Warriors are far and away from the simplest tank in WoW Classic, and a few players even consider them to be the sole real tank as they're the sole class ready to reduce the damage they take. A tank's role is to remain enemies attacking them and to stay alive. Out of all three tank classes, Warriors are the simplest at this thanks to an outsized arsenal of abilities like Shield Wall, Last Stand, and Taunt.

Warriors are ready to keep themselves alive and keep enemies attacking them far longer than other classes, thus earning the #1 spot for tanks in Classic.

Above are the simplest tanks for WoW Classic. Warriors are your best bet for all group content, meanwhile, Druids and Paladins are often good alternatives, especially in five-man dungeons. If you would like to require on the toughest raids like Molten Core and Onyxia's lair, you're best off bringing a Warrior tank.

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