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Wow Classic still has some issues that need to be fixed

In the previous couple of months, most players have had their specialize in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, with the upcoming expansion, has already radically changed the face of retail World of Warcraft before having been released.

But Blizzard hasn't only been that specialize in the new and swiftly-approaching expansion. Instead, they've had even as much attention turned back sixteen years to 2004, looking closely at World of Warcraft: Classic.

They've been hard at work ensuring that everything is as prepared as they will catch on for the upcoming release of Naxxramas, the ultimate raid tier of the Classic title, also as implementing catch-up gear for people who haven't quite been ready to conquer Ahn'qiraj yet.

Turning their attention to battlegrounds and Player-vs-Player content, though, Blizzard has had plenty to tweak. Recently, they announced that they might be doing a touch of maintenance on the battlegrounds of the title.

Two battlegrounds especially are under their microscope, which specializes in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. Alterac Valley, it seems, is free from their watchful looked at the instant – or a minimum of, their hotfix patch notes.

The alterations in question are set to affect some terrain exploits that players are taking advantage of, locking in on some unfair advantages and dealing to get rid of them from the competition.

With such a lot going into the battlegrounds, equally counts – especially now that World of Warcraft: Classic has begun to ascertain a touch of movement on the esports scene. It's unknown what else Blizzard may have future, but either way, there's much work that'll get to be done because the client continues to evolve.


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Nov 26, 2020