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WOW Classic - Best 5 Spots for Farming WoW Classic Gold


This is an inventory of 5 major gold farming spots in Classic WoW. the rationale for listing is that it tends to be higher-level zones, simply because farming WOW Classic Gold with low-level character isn't very smart in the least. It's much faster to upgrade a personality then start farming gold for everything you would like to shop for.

5. Azshara


Level & Location

Level: 42 - 55

Territory: Contested

World Boss: Azuregos (Phase 2)

Faction: Hydraxian Warlords

Continent: Kalimdor

Shadowsong Shire is on the left side of the road when you enter Azshara from Ashenvale. You'll find some level 44-47 Highborne ghosts in there. They're weak caster units so you'll be able to farm them with ease for tons of mageweave, green drops, and random chests.

4. Tanaris


Level & Location

Level: 40 - 50

Territory: Contested

Faction: Gadgetzan

Instances: Zul'Farrak

Continent: Kalimdor

There is a Southsea pirate town in eastern Tanaris. The place is called Lost Rigger Cove and you can get there by going through a tunnel. The place is full of level 43-45 pirates who should be very easy to farm on high levels. These guys drop some nice silver, Mageweave, and Silk Cloth and also have good drop rates for blue/purple items for such a low-level mob which makes grinding them worthwhile.

3. Winterspring


Level & Location

Level: 55 - 60

Territory: Contested

Continent: Kalimdor

Factions: Everlook

Wintersaber Trainers

These guys are great for skinners. Not only do they drop nice vendor trash items, green items and sometimes blue/epics buy you can also skin them for Rugged Leather and Thick Leather which makes farming them greatly worthwhile. You'll find tons of Ice Thistle Yetis from a large area North and East of Everlook.

2. Felwood


Level & Location

Level: 47 - 54

Territory: Contested

Faction: Timbermaw Hold

Continent: Kalimdor

Angerclaw Mauler bears are all over Felwood but there is a particularly good grinding spot for them at (37,43) which is North and a bit East from Bloodvenom Post (Horde camp). There are about 15 Angerclaw Maulers near that spot which can be killed relatively quickly for a lot of gray vendor trash drops. The trick is that when you combine those with the Thick Leather and Rugged Leather that can be skinned off these guys, you'll earn gold surprisingly fast.

1.Eastern Plaguelands

Eastern Plaguelands.jpg

Level & Location

Level: 54 - 59

Territory: Contested

Instances: Stratholme

Naxxramas (Phase 6)

Faction: Argent Dawn

Continent: Eastern Kingdoms

Mossflayer Zombies reside in The Undercroft which is in the Southwestern corner of EPL. These guys drop are nothing too special except for being weak, respawning quickly, and dropping a lot of silver and Runecloth. This is a good place to farm if there is too much competition over the other farming spots.


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Mar 11, 2021