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Which class is the best healer in World of Warcraft Classic

In World of Warcraft Classic, there are different roles for your character to fulfill. one among these includes a healer, which you'll be conversant in by playing other games of an identical nature to the present. There are a variety of various WoW Classic classes for you to settle on from, as players look to stay their fellow teammates alive. Whilst tons of players specialize in WoW Classic gold and collecting their desired WoW Classic Items, specialize in what class healer you're also can be important.


When it involves dungeons and raids, there are particular Classic WoW classes that are more useful than others. during this article, we'll be outlining a number of the simplest that you simply can choose between.

Holy Paladins

Holy Paladins are arguably your runner-up choice for healers. they provide support spells which are referred to as blessings, which may be a number of the simplest spells that you simply can use once they are cast with just about any Classic WoW class. Their importance is highlighted by their ability to supply stat boosts to regenerate mana and enhance attack power.

Holy Priests

However, it's Holy Priests that are your hands-down most suitable option when it involves selecting the simplest healer for dungeons and raids. this is often due to their ability to supply the strongest level of healing, also as an all-aroundness to their sort of play.

Holy Priests are ready to heal single teammates, also as small groups without having to waste tons of Mana. They even have decent support when it involves adding spirit and stamina to allies. there's also additional spell power and additional protection with the utilization of a magical shield.

Restoration Shaman

A better choice would be to use a Restoration Shaman. This WoW Classic class is superb for providing support to your teammates. this is often right down to them using totems, which supply beneficial factors to your team members. What's more, there's a variety available for the category to use. These totems are effective during a sort of situation starting from delivering damage to overall survivability. no matter how you employ them, they're going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Restoration Druid

Despite the Restoration Druid being the weaker healer compared to others, there's still use for this particular Classic WoW class. After all, it provides both strong support and effective healing. As against casting healing instantly, Druids have a spell that happens over time. This does mean however that there isn't much use for it in raids, since there's only a limited amount of spells that will be used.

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Nov 5, 2020