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Which are the Best Tanks to be a teammate


If you are a WOW Classic veteran, you should have experienced farming  WOW Classic Gold, grind through grades, and collect classic wow items. You can understand how WOW Classic classes are divided into various positions.

They will offer preference to tanks for certain players who do not want to die in combat quickly. In dungeons and raids, tanks play an important role and many individuals rely on the advanced level of tanks. So next, we're going to list some excellent tanks to choose from.

Protection Paladin


It looks slightly inferior compared with the Fighter. It can't reduce damage, and it lacks a key component of Taunt, which will draw fierce monster attacks.

In the dungeon setting, however, The Protection Paladin is fine. It can deal well with enemy mobs and has a decent warranty for potential use. This tank is the best in an early game, but it will be replaced when you have some experience.

Protection Warrior


The Protection Warrior is considered the strongest tank in the whole game by many. Your team needs a position that can reduce the damage sustained by your teammates when your team faces powerful enemies. This is the Protection Warrior, and well beyond those requirements, will fulfill those requirements.

With its own attack strength and survivability, it can do this. You can use skills such as "Last Stand", "Taunt" and "Shield Wall" if you want to use it to defend your teammates. Thus, compared to other WOW Classic classes, this tank can withstand the test better.

Feral Druids 


It is a form of entertainment tank, and it is considered to be the second closest to the Protection Warrior. It can't reduce damage, however, but its enormous size can hold the enemy a long distance away.

You can use Faerie Fire if you want to reduce the enemy's armor, thus increasing the chances of a vital attack. This is one of the reasons why it can not be overlooked by players.


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May 17, 2021