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What's the Best Expansion in Final Fantasy XIV?

When it comes to the best expansion in Final Fantasy XIV, it cannot be too absolute because different people have different opinions. From my point of view, the best expansion in Final Fantasy XIV is the Shadowbringers. There are few negative comments in it and it has been considerd as the best Final Fantasy in 20 years by sections of the gaming press. 

In Final Fantasy XIV, it has a true storyline which is well executed. For once the characters feel more like characters than plot devices. The gameplay is standing on nearly a decade of evolution. The maps are stark and imaginative with strong and strange colouring. It has a good selection of bad guys. For those who don’t like MMOs, you barely ever have to play with other players, but for those who do all of the multiplayer aspects are standing on the shoulders of previous work.


Heavenward was very good although a bit western RPG for a Final Fantasy. Stormblood was definitely not bad but a bit bland for those players that didn’t enjoy the East Asian aesthetic. A Realm Reborn was good for what it was, but everyone knew it was rushed, and it looks that way compared to each expansion. It is really good and entertaining to play the game. 

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Apr 23, 2020