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What You Should Know about Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Apart from fish and bugs, sea creatures are considered to be the third type of creature that players can collect in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Each of them can be donated to the Museum or sold to Nook's Cranny.

As summer update is available in Animal Crossing New Horizons, there is a total list of 40 sea creatures for players to collect. Here is the sea creature list that can be found in the northern hemisphere as well as its price. 


Complete List of Sea Creatures in Northern Hemisphere 

Seaweed (Oct-July) - all day - 600 bells 

Sea Grapes (June-Sept) - all day - 900 bells 

Sea Cucumber (Nov-Apr) - all day - 500 bells 

Sea pig (Nov-Feb) - 4PM to 9AM - 10,000 bells 

Sea Star (year-round) - all day - 500 bells 

Sea Urchin (May-Sept) - all day - 1,700 bells 

Slate Pencil Urchin (May-Sept) - 4PM to 9AM - 2,000 bells 

Sea Anemone (year-round) - all day - 500 bells 

Moon Jellyfish (July-Sept) - all day - 600 bells 

Sea Slug (year-round) - all day - 600 bells 

Pearl Oyster (year-round) - all day - 2,800 bells 

Mussel (June-Dec) - all day - 1,500 bells 

Oyster (Sept-Feb) - all day - 1,100 bells 

Scallop (year-round) - all day - 1,000 bells 

Whelk (year-round) - all day - 1,000 bells 

Turban Shell (Mar-May, Sept-Dec) - all day - 1,000 bells 

Abalone (June-Jan) - 4PM to 9AM - 2,000 bells 

Gigas Giant Clam (May-Sept) - all day - 15,000 bells 

Chambered Nautilus (Mar-June, Sept-Nov) - 4PM to 9AM - 1,800 bells 

Octopus (year-round) - all day - 1,200 bells 

Umbrella Octopus (Mar-May, Sept-Nov) - all day - 6,000 bells 

Vampire Squid (May-Aug) - 4PM to 9AM - 10,000 bells 

Firefly Squid (Mar-Jun) - 9PM to 4AM - 1,400 bells 

Gazami Crab (June-Nov) - all day - 2,200 bells 

Dungesness Crab (Nov-May) - all day - 1,900 bells 

Snow Crab (Nov-Apr) - all day - 6,000 bells 

Red King Crab (Nov-Mar) - all day - 8,000 bells 

Acorn Barnacle (year-round) - all day - 600 bells 

Spider Crab (Mar-Apr) - all day - 10,000 bells 

Tiger Prawn (June-Sept) - 4pm-9am - 3,000 bells 

Sweet Shrimp (Sept-Feb) - 4PM-9AM - 1,400 bells 

Mantis Shrimp (year-round) - 4PM to 9AM - 2,500 bells 

Spiny Lobster (Oct-Dec) - 9PM to 4AM - 5,000 bells 

Lobster (April-June, December-January) - all day - 4,500 bells 

Giant Isopod (July-Oct) - 9AM to 4PM, 9PM to 4AM - 12,000 bells 

Horseshoe Crab (July-Sept) - 9PM to 4AM - 2,500 bells 

Sea Pineapple (Apr-Aug) - all day - 1,500 bells 

Spotted Garden Eel (May-Oct) - 4AM to 9PM - 1,100 bells 

Flatworm (Aug-Sept) - 4PM to 9AM - 700 bells 

Venus’ Flower Basket (Oct-Feb) - all day - 5,000 bells 

How to Seize Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons 

To catch sea creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you must purchase a wetsuit so that you can wear it to dive into the sea. When you are swimming in the sea, you may see a series bubbles rising from the surface of the sea. Head over to these bubbles and dive into the sea and you will be able to catch the sea creature. 

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Jul 6, 2020