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What makes WoW classic so good and why it's still popular

It is challenging, WoW classic is such a lot tougher than the fashionable retail version of WoW. the first vanilla game was hard and difficult which has been preserved in WoW classic, which might be both an upside and a downside.


This is what made WoW popular in the first place. What you see, experience and feel in WoW Classic is what made it the foremost played MMORPG within the world. These are the weather that combined together to be that fantastic title that many players loved over the years; which is why WoW Classic is that much good. it's time tested, players loved the concept sometime past then they still do now in 2020.

It is also not a hidden incontrovertible fact that players that play WoW Classic are literally older than most gaming communities within the world, this is often mostly because WoW Classic is really a revamp of a very old game, so most of the players that come to enjoy it are old because of the game itself. This brings forth a more mature community that understands the sport thoroughly preventing any sort of unnecessary friction and toxicity.

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