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What Fixes And Improvements are Currently Available at Blight?

Today we'd like to give you an update about the fixes and improvements to the Blight League that Grinding Gear Games's currently working on. 

The following issues are currently being investigated and have high priority:

Crashes with the exception 'Present' error.

Blighted Map performance. Honestly, the most realistic way they're going to get this to acceptable levels is to slightly reduce the number of monsters being spawned. They're going to be very careful to make sure that the encounters are still hectic, fun and rewarding, but it'll probably involve slightly fewer entities being tracked and rendered. The following issues have been resolved and are currently being tested:

The tower building UI closes if you had gained enough resources to upgrade a different tower.

The "Cursed Concoction" passive skill causes Blasphemy Curses to deactivate.

The Consuming Dark unique dagger does not apply Chance to Poison correctly.

Transforming an amulet into a talisman removes any anointments the amulet had.

Killing Uber Elder does not grant completion towards the "Complete Endgame Grinds" challenge.

Server lag with the Necromancer Ascendancy passive Essence Glutton and Discipline skill gem.

The Blighted Rhoa boss can become immune to damage when revived if it died while Petrified.


What Makes POE Popular among Players around the World? 

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Randomly generated levels - Indoor and outdoor areas are randomly generated - no more having to replay through the same instance over and over!

PvP - Highly competitive PvP environments, including tournaments and world PvP areas.

Skills galore! - A wide variety of customizable skills are available. Better yet, skills are not limited to a specific class.

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Sep 14, 2019