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Team Fortress 2 Sniper

In the 1v1 anti-sniper scene, many people wait for the enemy's sniper to look down at their range before headshot. When aiming at the range, the sniper cannot move quickly. The main purpose here is to expand the range as fast as possible (press Q or right-click again fast enough), take a step left / right, and then terminate. The enemy sniper should be easy to kill because he is still aiming at the target and may just miss you. To prevent sniping, place the crosshair as close as possible to the enemy sniper in front of the line of sight. So when making range adjustments, you only need to move a little, or if you have already adjusted them, you don't need to move at all. Hunter's taunt can stun players for 5 seconds. This is especially effective if the Uber must travel along narrow stairwells or alleys. If the enemy also has a sniper, switch your sniper position frequently. Or, monitor where they can't see you. Every few seconds, you must leave your position to stop sniping, which will make the enemy unable to find you.


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Jan 10, 2020