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Scout's Various Jumping Methods

Team Fortress 2 is a game that is popular among gamers because it has a variety of game characters to share different professions, which adds a lot of gameplay and fun to the game. Today, I will introduce you to the scout’s operation and use of jumping in the game.

Double Jump

By pressing the jump key a second time while in midair, the Scout can perform a second jump in any direction. The extra height and distance this ability grants can be used to access areas which other classes cannot. This can be useful for avoiding enemy fire and ambushing incoming enemies. A careless double jump, however, has an easily predictable trajectory, allowing competent players to make a kill.

It is possible to execute the second jump at any time while in midair. This can be used to negate fall damage by performing the second jump just before hitting the ground.

Triple Jump

Equipping the Atomizer allows the Scout to perform a triple jump while fully deployed. With this ability, the Scout can jump across larger gaps that would otherwise be inaccessible through double jumping. Scouts with this ability are distinct from other Scouts, as a second or third jump will emit a purple cloud beneath their feet.

Force Jump

With the Force-A-Nature equipped, the Scout can use the recoil from a shot while mid-air to propel himself even higher for an effective triple jump. The third "jump" produced by the Force-A-Nature shot has more horizontal force and is slightly more difficult to aim and predict than a double jump. By jumping forwards and firing the Force-A-Nature downwards, the player will propel himself higher than a double jump, but will still have the second jump available in reserve. This acts as a trade-off; horizontal momentum is lost in order to provide greater vertical displacement. As firing the Force-A-Nature while in the air will push the Scout in the opposite direction of the fired shot, the player can launch himself in any direction, even downwards.

Bonk Jump

With the Bonk! Atomic Punch equipped, the Scout is impervious to all damage. Because of this, the Scout can use the recoil from enemy fire, such as from an opposing Sentry Gun or explosives, to propel himself up in the air. The closer to the source of the knockback, the more explosives, or the higher the sentry level is, the longer and faster the jump will be.

Basher Jump

By hurting himself with the Boston Basher or Three-Rune Blade while in midair, the Scout can use the Basher's self-damaging properties to get to places otherwise inaccessible. Such a maneuver is risky, however, as it only takes four missed swings to bring a non-overhealed Scout with full health to exactly one hitpoint. The overall height gained is also not often a worthwhile trade, being significantly less efficient than using the Atomizer. Extensive use of medkits is therefore required. Much like rocket jumping, crouching while in midair will greatly increase the distance a Basher-jumping Scout can travel. The Boston Basher can be used in conjunction with the Force-A-Nature to achieve maximum height or distance as the Scout in a single jump.

Quad Jump

By combining the Atomizer's triple jump with the Force-A-Nature's knock back, a Scout can perform four jumps in quick succession, allowing him to get to hard-to-reach spots and maintain a massive height advantage over the enemies. The safest method to perfom a successful quad jump is to swap weapons to the Force-A-Nature just after having used the Atomizer, the reverse is more difficult due to the Atomizer's long switch speed, and would leave you with your melee rather than damaging primary out after a jump.

Winger Jump

While having the Winger as the active weapon, the player gains 25% additional height in their jumps. This is useful for jumping onto or over things that Scouts normally can't. This also pairs well with the Force-A-Nature, increasing jumping distance even further, although one would have to swap weapons mid-air to utilize the extra jumps obtained from the Force-A-Nature.

Hype Jump

After filling and activating the Soda Popper's Hype meter, the player can perform up to five additional air jumps for a brief period. This allows for reaching areas normally inaccessible by Scouts, allowing players to cover much greater distances and reach much higher areas. The weapon is also good for flanking and heckling enemies, as five extra jumps can make the Scout much harder to predict. Note that Hype jumping replaces the Atomizer's third jump; however, the Winger, while deployed, can be used to increase the height of each jump, further increasing the Scout's mobility.


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Oct 11, 2019