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New character cards revealed for Animal Crossing: New Horizons


New material for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is sorely needed right now. Instead of catering to newer players, the game requires new events and characters to keep older players involved in the game. There is no way of knowing when the Animal Crossing community will receive this much-needed upgrade.

While in-game improvements are still unknown, Nintendo recently announced the release of a completely new set of Animal Crossing: New Horizons character cards. This is the third set of cards to be produced since the introduction of New Horizons, and it is expected to be one of the most comprehensive. So far, four Animal Crossing character cards have been released.

New character cards revealed for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Trading cards have become an essential feature of the Animal Crossing franchise, serving as a symbol of a seasoned player. Because Animal Crossing trading cards are the most popular in Japan, every new set of cards is usually released there first. The renowned Amiibo card collection, which saw explosive sales statistics during its introduction after the popularity of New Horizons, has been the most popular character card set thus far.

The new character card set will have 32 cards, which is the most of any set issued to date. It will also be distinct from past card sets, which primarily featured villager characters. This card set will focus on the year 2022 as well as the birthdays of the locals. This set will contain approximately 16 new villager cards, including Raymond and others. On the front, there will be information on the characters, including their birthdays, followed with a postcard on the back.

Bandai will also issue a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons character card set, similar to previous card sets. The set will be available for purchase in October 2021, but pre-orders are now available. However, as is customary, these cards are expected to be released primarily in Japan. The cards, on the other hand, will be available for purchase on sites such as MMOBC.


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