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NBA 2k21 would be better to have fun to play if these issues can be fixed


NBA 2K21 remains my favorite version of the series, but it's not without issue.

In playing through several modes and observing some objective feedback from the 2K community, it's clear these 3 issues across multiple modes are keeping NBA 2K21 from reaching its potential.

Contact Dunks within the PARK, Rec and Pro-Am

Perhaps one of the foremost common gameplay complaints I've heard comes from users claiming contact dunks are overpowered in PARK, Rec, and Pro-Am. The mechanic seems similar even within the NBA portions of the sport, but because the number of players with the Posterize badge isn't as prevalent, it's not a drag.

However, within the MyPlayer contests, there probably must be an adjustment to offer big men a touch little bit of an opportunity.

Server Stability within the City and MyTeam

It seems this is often sort of a broken record with NBA 2K games, especially within the first few weeks after release. once you consider the next-gen version of the sport has only been out for 10 days on PlayStation 5 and 12 on Xbox Series X, it's really not overly worrisome that the sport remains to have some lag and connectivity issues.

That said, a number of the instances during which users are seeing these issues are unacceptable. The limit on the number of individuals who can make it into the town may be a tough pill to swallow. I've heard and been told 2K is functioning on a fix for this problem, and I'd assume it might be at the highest of their list of priorities.

Play Now Online Results Recording

One of the foremost neglected portions of the sport is Play Now Online. it's usually functioned properly, but this year, there's a problem with the way the results of games are being recorded.

I've played multiple games on both Xbox and PS5 on next-gen, and more times than not, the right result wasn't recorded, nor did it reflect upon my record appropriately. Quite honestly, if you're someone who takes pride in your record online, this issue demotivates you to play the mode.

Hey, look. We are still having a blast with NBA 2K21, but I think the experience would be even better with these things improved.

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Nov 23, 2020