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NBA 2K21: The 5 Best Point Guards In MyTeam, Ranked

Every basketball fan has their preferences and playing styles, but having a solid point guard is important.

NBA 2K21 recently released, and despite the NBA's odd bubble playoffs set to finish soon, fans are excited to spend time in the game for several more months. The MyTeam mode within the game allows players to accumulate cards of certain players throughout the NBA's history and build their dream rosters.


Every basketball fan has their preferences and playing styles, but having a solid point guard is important. With all of the cards to settle on from in NBA 2K21 which point guards happen to be the simplest of the best?

No.5 Jo Jo White '81 (95)

The Boston Celtics are a team that's accomplished such a lot within the NBA that even the foremost dedicated of fans have trouble remembering all of the names of former Celtics greats. Jo Jo White is that the one name on this list most of the people will need to Google search, which may be a shame considering he features a 95 overall card.

Not only was he a neighborhood of two championship teams, but White was also the NBA Finals MVP of the 1976 NBA Finals. He also set a franchise record of playing in an astounding 488 straight games within the green and white.

No.4 Baron Davis '12 (96)

The small lineup implemented by the Houston Rockets in recent years could seem fresh and inventive, but the California Warriors were before the pack therein regard. because the Steph Curry era was set to start, Baron Davis happened to be the team's start line guard in 2012.

He ran and lead a team of shooters who looked to favor scoring over defense and rebounding. His 96 overall card features a playmaking ability of 92 and may run circles around opponents in NBA 2K21's MyTeam mode.

No.3 Stephen Curry (96)

Stephen Curry is that the best point guard in many people's eyes despite missing almost everything of the 2020 NBA season thanks to injury. Curry's shooting ability is usually the thing people specialize in, but his passing ability is sweet enough to form him a stellar point guard.

He might not be the simplest defender or inside scorer, but that's not what you set him into your lineup to try to. His 96 overall card will have you ever draining deep shots because it comes with a 3-point shot rating of 98 which is incredibly high, but incredibly accurate.

No.2 Damian Lillard (96)

Steph Curry and Damian Lillard both having 96 overall cards in NBA 2K21's MyTeam are pretty interesting considering each of these player's fan bases. counting on who you ask many NBA fans consider one better than the opposite and crown them because of the best point guard within the NBA.

The big difference between their two cards is that Lillard may be a bit better of a rebounder and may have a more consistent contribution inside the paint. you cannot fail with either as they both are snipers from behind the 3-point line, though.

No.1 Derrick Rose (97)

Nowadays Derrick Rose is taken into account a crafty and talented veteran who's currently being courted by most championship contenders. Upon his arrival within the NBA back in 2008, Rose hit the bottom running, winning an MVP in 2011, before knee injuries turned a Hall of Fame career into a battle of pride.

He's been ready to prove himself and earn respect once more within the NBA and this 97 overall card in NBA 2K21's MyTeam seems like how to pay reference to the career fans and therefore the NBA was never ready to see become fully realized.

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Oct 27, 2020