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Mmobc.com brings you best Wow Classic Gold making Guid


I'm going to guide you on the way to make WOW Classic Gold in WoW in this guide. Since the changes in the Battle for Azeroth, forming gold has become considerably more difficult. If you're on a server with a high population, as I am, it's even harder. There are still some good ways to produce gold, however. One thing to remember is that this is often not an exhaustive list, there are many ways that I don't mention that will net you better outcomes depending on the conditions. These are just some of the forms I've used over the years and still use them to make money now.  

Be the Tank

Thanks to winning loads of gold, being a tank is the easiest. The grouping landscape of Warcraft is actually supervised by tanks. It can be a good way to win unexpected, and often random, amounts of gold to earn additional rewards by engaging in random cases where tanks are required. Reward bags can also contain gold and other items. One of the items that always sell well is that they're companions. I used to get my Firefly pet out of my bag at one stage, which sells for thousands of gold for the server I'm on.

The other benefit is that during a group of them, players will actually pay tanks to queue with great care that they will get much quicker in instances. You're also going to use this to charge people in their raid to fuel a tank that could net thousands of gold. Finally, to run them through the tougher raids, you'll also have your guild charge players. Your guild gear could still be netted when you're getting an honest amount of gold.

Rare Mobs Hunt

Inside the game, rare ones are abundant now. They can not only drop gear, but they will also drop bags that have different resources for you to sell at the company. Rare hunting may be a challenge to try, but maybe a lot of fun. Pandaria, for example, has many rare players, including rare ones that have to be beat using multiple players. Though it's old stuff, it can still persuade you that it's profitable. If you follow the full possibilities that rare spawns offer, more advantages await.

You can also do a range of older dungeons and raids to pick up the company's rare things to sell. Older gear can usually be sold for tons of gold through transmogrification. Plus, in older dungeons and raids, there are pets, mounts, and other goodies to be had. Only confirm to read them upfront to make sure you're going to solo them. A range of them is still difficult, even for the most advanced players.

Professions of Crafting

A particular way of shaping gold. At level 60, this feature works well once you already have some good gear. Obviously, you should be able to purchase reagents with some cash. In any occupation, be prepared for expenses of up to 225 skill points: things below that are not worth much. After 225 skill points in Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Alchemy, or Tailoring, you'll get the first revenue. Unfortunately, some investments will still be needed in Engineering and Enchanting. The sole is a disenchanting skill thanks to making gold with enchanting


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Mar 25, 2021