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Let's check out 5 WOW Classic New Best-in-Slot Items in Phase 6

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The most coveted Phase 6 gear from Classic World of Warcraft is often found here!

5.Plagueheart Set - Warlocks

Finally, Warlocks can get out of the Bloodvine Set and into Phase 6 with the Plagueheart Set. this does not drop from a boss but is another upgrade from the quests available at Light's Hope Chapel.

Warlocks have a plus here, as this whole Phase 6 set isn't required for BiS because it is with other classes. Four pieces, specifically the top, shoulders, chest piece, and sandals are sufficient.

4.Vestments of religion - Holy Priest

This is also a replacement set that players obtain as a part of the new raid quests available at Light's Hope Chapel. each piece includes bonuses for both mana regeneration and healing spell power. To fill out the BiS requirements, Priests should equip each piece of the set with the exception of the belt. C'Thun drops a far better one in Phase 5.

3.Slayer's Crest - Melee DPS

Here's something nice for the Rogues, DPS Warriors, and other classes that do physical damage. This cool looking trinket gives a +64 bonus to a player's attack power even as an equipped item and using its special ability grants a further +260. With a cooldown of only 2 minutes, it's possible to use this quite once for every boss fight.

2.Cryptstalker Set - Hunters

Finally, something nice only for our Hunter friends. Best get to the Plaguelands and begin grinding some reputation since most of Orion BiS slots for phase 6 come from this set. Players should equip all eight pieces to fill out the list.

Light's Hope Chapel is where players can find the NPC which will start them on these quests. Hunters should equip the complete set to see off all the BiS boxes for Phase 6.

1.Sappiron's Left Eye - Caster DPS

Not only does this item look totally badass, but it also gives a bonus to spell power, critical strike, and spell hit rating. Pair this up with the Wraithblade and it's no wonder both items are on the BiS list for spellcasters. Sappiron, the second to last boss of Naxxramus, waits outside of Kel'Thuzad's lair to drop this precious offhand.


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Nov 19, 2020