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Island Hopping now is The Best Thing About Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons released with many fun new features, all put in situ to grant players an improved level of creativity. Terraforming was the addition that originally got everyone talking but, after 300+ hours of gameplay, I'm even as enamoured with the game's Mystery Island Tour mechanic and island hopping. After all, once you hop you only can't stop!

In New Horizons, island hopping is that the act of moving through a series of islands in quick succession. this is often usually to reap the rewards of every unique Mystery Tour or to look for a selected item, villager, or critter. It's such a lot fun to go to uncharted lands, and therefore the randomised element (no two islands are ever precisely the same) means there's always a surprise future.

Island hopping could also be new the franchise, but I for one hope that future Animal Crossing games implement and even expand on the overall concept. Island hopping is quite just an addictive aspect of gameplay, it reimagines the player's ability to gather otherwise exhaustible items and find their dream villagers. It even offers a fun way for you to interact together with your friends at a time when that's not always otherwise possible. It's a well known adage that you simply can't choose your family, but a minimum of you'll choose your friends and, because of island hopping, your Animal Crossing villagers!


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Jul 27, 2020