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Gold is the only exchange currency of WoW Classic


A small sum of money rewarded for completing tasks and tasks, beating enemies, and selling discarded items to sellers is WOW Classic Gold coins. In the game, it is used to purchase armor repairs, make reagents, and use flight routes to move players to different places. This is also the world of the trade currency of the Warcraft auction house.

Some professions may be qualified to make money. To pick useful plants, you can become a traditional Chinese medicine doctor; an alchemist to make potions; a miner to mine ore; a blacksmith to make armor; a jeweler to cut gemstones that can be inserted in certain objects to enhance them, or an enchanter with additional attributes or effects to enchant items.

To optimize your personality, you'll need a lot of what these majors make, but only two majors can do it. You can need to purchase something you can't buy at an auction house unless you're looking for another place to gather all the credit recipes from other careers. You may also want to sell some of your trading goods or raw materials to finance the purchase if you need anything at a price that exceeds your requirements and followers bring in something.

By purchasing goods at a low price and making them more valuable goods, or simply reselling them at a higher price, some players like to auction gold on the market. In order to purchase special luxury items, you can also use vast quantities of gold, such as very expensive seller mounts with portable auction houses and repair shops. You will also find special mounts exclusive to the Warcraft set solitaire game that was discontinued in 2013, but many of the most desirable mounts are rarely sold on most servers, such as Spectral Tiger and giant rooster, so the maximum price is 10 million gold coins.

You can use it to pay other players for less enjoyable things in the game, such as fishing, grazing, and mining if you have a lot of gold. Some high-end guilds like to collect large quantities of gold in order to provide Raiders with expendable handicrafts, such as enhanced alchemist flasks and edible delicacies from polished players, as well as enchantments and gems.


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