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Forsaken Souls Available for Xbox One and PS4 - Enjoy Your Journey in Tera

The latest expansion Forsaken Souls for Tera goes live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new update brings the game a new dungeon Forsaken Island, featuring cursed spirits, and bosses including Rokdos - the Dark Knight, Viyor - a gigantic evil spirit, and Desolarus - the cursed aristocrat who rules the Forsaken Island.

Completing this dungeon in Hard mode gives you a chance to pick up Gullinbursti, the ghost pig mount, or Phantom Armor costume items in normal mode. This update also introduces two new improvements to fishing. Now players can auto-fish, and they can also utilize chat while fishing. In addition, Forsaken Souls features an update to faction quests, so be sure to visit the daily quest NPCs for that updated quests.


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Mar 24, 2020