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Farming Or Buying? Which way you prefer to get WOW Classic Gold


It depends on who you purchase from. Some sites allow other players to trade directly with you in real money, and that they are usually much safer than buying from a store. during this matter, larger businesses are usually likely to urge Blizzard's attention. Anyway, if you're a standard player, just buy a little amount of WoW Classic Gold to satisfy your daily needs, you ought to be safe, but there's no guarantee.

Anyway, there are two answers:

In retail stores, just buy a surprise token. it's safe, allowed, and guaranteed (but maybe slightly more expensive). there's no real risk here.

On Classic they're going to take your WoW Classic Gold/items and if you're caught they're going to ban you. So how does one avoid it? Trading WoW Classic Gold may be a big risk and you'll be caught. an equivalent goes for mail. Instead, publish the project to AH. Post tons on AH and use AH often. Then, once you discover someone who can purchase gold (wherever you go, the web site is irrelevant, there are many websites and services), you'll publish some classic items that are overpriced, all isn't To 50 g. for instance if you would like to shop for 1,000 g, use a 50-g piece with 20 stacks of bone fragments or 20 stacks of linen. Then the vendor can purchase out yours directly. you'll lose a little amount of gold, but this method may be a bit safe (more secure than other methods).

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Dec 28, 2020