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Cheap Tree of Savior Silver for Sale at Mmobc.com

The Tree of Savior is made with the theme of the world. The picture is beautiful , the music is grand and beautiful, more than 200 kinds of BOSS, and the rich content combination is the research and development goal. Each character has a combination of career, skill, and life skills that can go a different route. The game's built - in chat system and community content are also a characteristic,  belonging to the player's own adventure diary, which will show the player a little bit of action record in the game. The language switching function can be implemented in the game. Currently, Japanese, English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese are supported. The game consists of four occupations: warrior, magician, archer and priest. After each career upgrade, you can transfer or continue to practice this profession. There are 5 kinds of occupational icons: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, red professional skill partial output; blue partial defense; green partial assist; yellow partial production; purple partial call, with a professional tree of their own One of the fun of The Tree of Savior.

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