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Buying WoW Classic Gold or Farming?


In fact, the simplest thanks to getting gold in wow classic are to play within the game. If you would like to urge currency with real money, this behavior of purchase is against the rule of the Blizzard. In an extreme situation, your account could also be banned permanently. However, in most cases, Blizzard usually bans the account of the vendor, not the customer.

In order to ensure your wow account safe, you'll do the subsequent thing:

1.Do not tell your password to anyone.

2.Choose a reliable seller.

3.Trade gold with a secure method. Normally, face to face is safe, otherwise, you can obtain currency through the firm.

4.When buying WOW Classic Gold within the game, a bit like a traditional transaction and don't talk anything about real money.

Can I buy gold from Blizzard?

WOW token may be a mechanism of Blizzard, which allows players to spend real money to shop for gold. Money players within the game can make money by killing monsters, completing tasks, and selling loot to suppliers.

In 2015, Blizzard began to permit players to shop for gold from one another using wow tokens to undertake to regulate the method and mitigate losses. "Time is money, friends - but sometimes one person is sadder than another," Blizzard said on its official website. "World of Warcraft players can now use Warcraft tokens to exchange game time or battle.net balances!"

You can buy a token at $20 within the game's cash store, then sell it at a firm, and another player can purchase a token with the quantity of gold determined by the token's current market price. After buying the token with gold coins, it cannot be sold again, but it is often cashed within the game time.


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Jan 8, 2021